Instagram and Social Media Marketing

Instagram is a good social media platform to use for interacting with customers at a high level. In this post, let’s explore Instagram and social media marketing.

A company can successfully grow and market to their target audience on Instagram by:

  • Using free Instagram tools
  • Cross promoting Instagram posts
  • Posting just enough
  • Interacting with followers
  • Being creative when connecting with an audience

Use Free Instagram Tools

On Instagram, companies and businesses have the ability to use free Instagram tools. Business profiles give companies and businesses the ability to access the analytics, Insights, of their profiles and their “impression and engagement data” (Entrepreneur). According to Entrepreneur, “The more you understand about how your users are interacting with your content, the better you can make adjustments to improve your engagement.”

Cross Promoting Instagram Posts

By cross promoting posts on social media platforms, a company can easily increase their number of Instagram followers. Posting on other social media platforms and inviting customers and social media users to follow the Instagram page of a company allows a company to connect their social media networks.

Post Just Enough

It is important for companies to post frequently on their Instagram account to interact with social media users and their followers and stay relevant, but a company should not post too often. Otherwise, a company could end up overwhelming their followers and their followers could end up unfollowing the company’s account.

Interact on Instagram

Social media users will like, comment, and engage in posts of a company if they find the content shared by the company on social media intriguing. “That simple engagement can create a loyal customer as well as a raving promoter of your brand” (Entrepreneur). Therefore, it is important to interact with Instagram users to generate greater brand awareness. Encourage Instagram users to invite a friend to like the company page or tag their friends and respond to comments on posts.

Creative Interaction

A company should be creative in its interactions with Instagram users. By being creative with images posted on Instagram, users of Instagram will be engaged in the social media of company.

Other ways in which a company can further connect with Instagram users include creating hashtags to share content and re-purposing content from other related accounts.

In the next post, we will explore an example of successful social media marketing that utilizes Instagram.


Long, Jonathan. “7 Marketing Tips to Help Grow Your Brand on Instagram.” Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur,


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