6 Popular Social Media Marketing Platforms

There is a wide variety of social media platforms that companies can choose from when deciding which social media platforms to connect with current and potential customers on. Let’s touch on the basics of 6 social media platforms that are used for social media marketing.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Snapchat
  6. Pinterest


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According to Big Commerce, “Facebook is THE universal social media network.” Facebook has over 2 billion monthly users and over a quarter of the world’s population interacts on Facebook.

Making a page is the first step for a company to start marketing on Facebook. The company’s page should include a complete and detailed profile with information about the company, links to the company website, pictures that positively promote the company, an address and contact information, and other details significant to the company. The more information that helps to make the company credible and displays the company in an advantageous light, the better.

For Facebook Marketing:

  • Do not run the same exact ads to all audiences
  • Use marketing to build brand awareness
  • Be aware of current social media trends
  • Test advertisements


Twitter has 328 million monthly active users and is a popular social media platform. With Twitter, companies can connect with users by tweeting about everything from their products and services, promotions, current stories and trends, campaigns with promoted accounts, promoted tweets, promoted trends, website cards, and more.

For Twitter Marketing:

  • Be concise with word choice
  • Include images when possible
  • Stay up-to-date on trends
  • Interact frequently with customers


There are now more than 500 million monthly active users on Instagram. It has one of the highest audience engagement rates in social media, according to Big Commerce, “58% higher than Facebook and 2000% higher than Twitter.”

As Instagram is a social media platform that is very image and video heavy, companies need to make sure their social media marketing efforts are visually appealing when using Instagram as a platform for their social media marketing efforts and campaigns.

For Instagram Marketing:

  • Use authentic images of real people, places, and things
  • Utilize the visual aspects of Instagram
  • Use Hashtags


With an estimated 227 million monthly active users that are split evenly between male and female users, as a professional networking site, LinkedIn can be used to reach professional connections of companies and customers.

LinkedIn advertisements can include:

  • Text advertisements
  • Sponsored content
  • Sponsored InMail

For LinkedIn Marketing:

  • Track performance
  • Use short and to-the-point messages
  • Focus on professionalism


Concerning social media marketing, “Snapchat is one of the newer platforms to emerge on the scene as a competitive force with 301 million monthly active users” (Big Commerce). As a social media marketing platform with a base of users that are highly active, it is an ideal platform for companies to consider and use for their social media marketing.

41% of all 18-34 year-olds in the U.S. will interact with Snapchat today” (Big Commerce).

With Snapchat, companies can reach out to audiences via:

  1. Snap Ads
  2. Sponsored Lenses
  3. Snapchat Discover
  4. Sponsored Local Geofilters

Snap ads are interactive mobile video ads “with 5X higher swipe-up rate than the average click-through rate for other comparable social platforms” (Big Commerce). Video lenses are fun and engaging and helped to make Snapchat popular. Sponsored Lenses allow brands to create and deliver custom lenses for users.


Pinterest has 175 million monthly users and is a visual platform with an 81% female user base. Concerning marketing on Pinterest, it is important to know that Pinterest is a strong platform for ecommerce sales with high engagement and users that use the platform to find and purchase creative products.

For Pinterest Marketing:

  • Focus on trends
  • Be detailed
  • Engage with followers
  • Be intentional with where pins are linking


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